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Connecting Worlds: a memoir on art, anthropology and activism is a hopeful and clear-eyed journey into the story of social change, by Daniel Buckles. Using an auto-biographical approach to key themes in contemporary rural studies (agriculture across the tropics, indigenous rights, rural lifestyles, human interactions with nature), the book shows the transformative potential of community engagement and participatory action research methods.


Learning to walk the talk of engaged research, and to work through its many challenges, is rarely explored in detail in professional contexts. Through nuanced reflections on the practice of real-life research in concrete and diverse settings, the book offers a window into worlds where connection—to self, others and nature—can become the catalyst for an engaged life. Students of anthropology, geography and international development studies seeking to make a difference through action research will find the journey both instructive and up-lifting.


Richly illustrated with original photography, drawings and paintings, Connecting Worlds takes readers into forests, across farmlands and along shorelines, identifying issues and discovering connections across worlds, from the inside out.

“As a young anthropologist,” says Emma Bider, “it is inspiring to read this candid and informative book. Buckles doesn’t shy away from imagining a better world, and demonstrates how anthropology’s methods can be used to get us there.”

“Connecting Worlds is an absorbing travelogue of contemporary social struggles, a captivating journey of sound and light, no small amount of adventure and many stories about how change really happens. I read the book twice: first with envy and the second time with admiration.”  — Pat Roy Mooney is a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award and the Pearson Medal of Peace, and author of Shattering: Food, Politics, and the Loss of Genetic Diversity

“This is a wonderfully refreshing and energizing book that celebrates hope and the possibility of many different worlds.”  — Michel Pimbert is Professor of Agroecology and Food Politics at Coventry University (UK), and author of Food Sovereignty, Agroecology and Biocultural Diversity.

A soft cover is also available from Amazon.


See part of the collection of art photography in the book, from the Yukon and Mexico to South Asia and West Africa.

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