Participatory Action Research, Planning, and Evaluation​



Participatory evaluations, action research and group facilitation to resolve a problem, assess outcomes, or produce a strategic plan.


Training and coaching customized for impact.

User-centred process design

New Tools now available:

The Moral Conflict Assessment (MCA) tool consists of 8 steps designed to help you navigate difficult situations where you are constrained to act in ways that go against your conscience.

Heading, Holding and Handling is a new tool to support the planning of Public Engagement. Download the Handbook of Participatory Action Research, Planning and Evaluation. 


NEW EDITION (April, 2019)


Free download in English, Français and Español


"The Handbook of Participatory Action Research, Planning, and Evaluation"


This collection of practical tools and methods offers you new ways to make sense of the world with people, through efforts to transform it.

Other publications examine the conceptual foundations of participation, action and research, and provide examples from many fields and from around the world.



What do the tools and theoretical insights of PAR bring to your work? We ask this question of people we work with and train.

Carlos Tapia, Consultant


"People centered and evidence based process of decision making with the community."

Sylvie Blangey, CNRS, Montpellier

"A new way of generating positive changes and actions with committed and engaged people who become actors of their own future."

Farida Akhter, UBINIG


"The creation of space for collaborative learning that is sacred, playful, youthful, and feminine."


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