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History of SAS2

SAS2 is a project title standing for Social Analysis Systems. The project, initially funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), responded to the need for more rigorous participatory tools for delving into complex social issues. The "2" represents the dual need for social analysis that is done socially (as opposed to the standard surveys, questionnaires and focus groups that dominate the social sciences)

Key collaborators during the development phase were Carleton University, the Academy of Development Sciences and DRCSC (India), LIBIRD (Nepal), UBINIG (Bangladesh), UNA and Zamorano (Honduras), CEBEM and EMPRENDE (Bolivia), CESSO (Chile), the University for Peace (Costa Rica), Efficience International, the Collectif des Savoirs Apprenants, The Ginger Group Collaborative, Canada World Youth, and South House Exchange (Canada). We gratefully acknowledge the enthusiasm and creative contributions of these committed practitioners and their organizations.

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