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More Publications


The tools, software and theoretical insights of the SAS2 Dialogue approach have been applied in thousands of settings around the world. These include community economic development, workplace organization, educational reform and evaluation, local governance over land and natural resources, forest conflict, public sector planning, and many more. The experiences attest to the effectiveness and efficiency of collaborative inquiry in helping people do better planning, evaluation, and research. 


Repository  hosted by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) includes many reports on assessments and detailed plans or research protocols designed for particular contexts. Several full length M.A. and PhD theses are also available in the Repository. Other publications include:


  • The Proceedings of Celebrating Dialogue: An International SAS2 Forum, published by SAS2 Dialogue

  • Nepali collection of SAS2 tools and experiences, published by LIBIRD

  • Bangla collection of SAS2 tools, published by DRCSC

  • Sistemas de Análisis Social: Enfoques y herramientas participativas para processos de desarrollo, published by CEBEM

  • Encrucijadas Ambientales en América Latina: Entre el manejo y la transformación de conflictos por recursos naturales, published by the University for Peace

Contact us if you have completed a study using participatory tools and design principles and would like to contribute a report to the Repository.


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