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Hands-on learning events

Planners, evaluators and researchers are looking for new ways to engage people and mobilize evidence in a complex world.

Originating with the pioneering work of Kurt Lewin, Paulo Friere, Fals Borda and others, the various formulations of participatory action research, planning and evaluation offer a robust alternative to positivism’s denial of human agency and justice in the global era.

We give workshops to help people deepen their practice, or become instructors in these approaches. Workshop are available in English, French or Spanish.

We adjust ​Agendas (download pdf) to fit participant needs, usually around three key questions:

  1. Explore the Problem: Describe a core problem, assess root causes and identify strategic entry points into complex systems;

  2. Know the Actors: Identify and  describe the stakeholders involved in or affected by a core problem or action. Assess the interactions among them and manage the expectations of different stakeholders.

  3. Assess the Options: Develop a vision or likely future, set priorities, create criteria and indicators that support planning and decison-making.


Each session introduces practical tools from the Handbook for Participatory Action Research, Planning and Evaluation (available in English, French and Spanish) and engages participants in discussion of the concepts and steps for selecting, sequencing and scaling tools to meet a purpose. We take a hands-on approach by providing you with an opportunity to practice using your own projects and knowledge. 


If you want to host a learning event, we can offer two options:

Option 1: You organize a workshop, and pay a lump sum for our training services;

Option 2: You organize a workshop, and charge registrants a fee to cover our training services.

Both options could include (or not) additional on-line coaching. Coaching focuses on designing events and inquiries you are planning (diagnostic, evaluative or scientific inquiries).

Contact Daniel Buckles ( to customize a learning event for your purpose.

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