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Sylvie Blangy


 Sylvie Blangy is a researcher at the French National Research Center (CNRS, CEFE) in Montpellier, France and the co director of the OHMI Nunavik (Observatoire Homme Milieu). She works in collaboration with the Cree, Inuit and Saami communities, developing community based participatory-action research projects, tools and techniques adapted to aboriginal contexts in collaboration with J. Chevalier, linking local expertise and scientific knowledge, addressing their concerns such as the social and cultural impacts of Industrial development, or the role of tourism in sustaining their culture, language and lifestyles. She was awarded a 3 year European Marie Curie research grant and is currently supported by the French Polar Research Institute (IPEV). Sylvie was a researcher and associate professor in 2011 at the Tourism Chair at UQAM, Montreal and coordinated a project on climate adaptation strategies for the tourism industry. She was previously an international consultant in ecotourism and sustainable tourism for 15 years. She worked in Latin America, Africa and Europe (Eastern) for the EU, the World Bank, the French, German and Development Agencies, UNWTO and UNEP. For 4 years, she was the director of the ecotourism department of a French consulting company, SECA (Société d’Eco-Aménagement). She also worked for the French Ministry of Agriculture on the development of an experimental rural tourism program in France. Sylvie is the author of Le Guide des Destinations Indigènes and its online version ( She is the vice-chair of the Social an Human Working Group of IASC, International Arctic Science Committee. She was on the board of TIES (The International Ecotourism Society) for 7 years. Sylvie completed her PhD in 2010 on Indigenous ecotourism, participatory action research, and Information and Communication Technology.

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