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Benoît Hurtel


Benoît Hurtel is president of Efficience International, Montreal (Canada). Tel. (514) 912 0959.


He has more than 30 years of strategy experience in risk and complexity management towards groups, leaders team and managers for more than 70 full-scale organizations in the private and public sectors  through 5 continents. As an expert consultant, a coach, a facilitator, a researcher, an author and a lecturer, he is familiar with implementing new management devices focused on collaborative and preventive processes.


He has repeatedly shown his capabilities in auditing, and rigorous and participative support in complexity management contracts – open system (internal and external actors), large-scale projects (alter globalization), confronting the unexpected and unforeseen (agile management), in a plural setting (cross-generational and multicultural) and through digitalization (ethics and safety).

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