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Paul Turcot


Paul Turcot is a partner of the Ottawa-based partnership, South House Exchange ( with which he has worked for the past 20 years in participatory evaluations, institutional assessments, organizational development and change and capacity building and training. He has developed a wide-ranging international and Canadian consulting practice with a particular focus on the civil society and local government sectors in mainland Southeast Asia (Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam), West Africa (Burkina Faso, Ghana and Mali) and to as lesser extent East and Central Africa (Dem. Rep. of Congo, Rwanda).  He is an insightful program analyst with a gift for building bridges across cultural and organizational divides and for helping organizations and individuals move beyond perceived boundaries. His evaluation experience includes the leadership of large multi-disciplinary evaluation teams and the use of participatory tools and processes in the evaluation of large multi-faceted and multi-stakeholder programs and the institutional assessments of complex membership organizations and networks/coalitions. Prior to working with SHE, Paul accumulated extensive experience in program and executive management with international development NGOs in Canada and Southeast Asia where he lived and worked for 14 years. 

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