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Carlos Tapia Jopia


Carlos Tapia Jopia is founder and Director of Estudios de Sistemas Sociales (CESSO,, an experienced consultant and group facilitator with expertise and degrees in marine biology, local development studies and social psychology. He has brought together a Chilean-based team and a regional (national and international) network linking universities, institutions and organizations committed to active stakeholder participation and development on a human scale inspired by principles of respect, responsibility and social inclusion. CESSO supports research, appraisals and consultancy carried out in a collaborative spirit, inquiry aiming for social innovation that builds on existing resources and assets. Carlos currently leads projects in marine conversation, coastal small scale fisheries, participatory management (planning and M&E) and capacity building in Chile and the Easter Island, using an ecosystemic approach. He plays a leading role in private and public projects that call from active community and indigenous involvement. He has worked in international projects undertaken by CPPS, PNUD and GEF-Humboldt.

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