SAS2 Dialogue Inc.


We welcome you to our space and invite you to learn more about the people and services that make up SAS2 Dialogue Inc., an independent consulting firm set up by Jacques Chevalier, Daniel Buckles, and Michelle Bourassa (left to right in the photo collage). Our clients are people like you, men and women keen to create new learning systems for the common good in a complex world.

Explore the website to learn more about the vision, skillful means and people we work with. What they have in common are flexible approaches to people- and evidence-based inquiry, group problem-solving, strategic planning, and evaluation. The methods we have developed and tested over the years show how knowledgeable actors can get out of the “expert” mode, into an action-learning mindset that is both rigorous and truly collaborative. Here are four key ways we can help you to achieve this.
  • TrainingOur introductory and advanced workshops are based on the principle of learning by doing. Acquire skills in participatory action research by immediately applying tools and process design concepts to topics that matter to you. SAS2 Dialogue training can lead to recognition as part of the broader community of Instructors.
  • Action researchThe partners in SAS2 Dialogue will work with you to assess the problems, actors and options needed to answer the Why? question and build understanding and motivation.
  • Planning for change. At SAS2 Dialogue, we can help you answer the Where to? question by planning well-defined goals, a timeline, and steps to move situations forward.
  • Evaluating projects and processes. Using SAS2 tools, our experienced people help you answer the So What? question by assessing results against project goals using well-defined criteria or progress markers. 
We support your goal of achieving dynamic learning systems using your intelligence and knowledge and the skillful means we have developed in working with people and organizations from around the world. We are committed to creating dialogue and supporting rigorous thinking!

Services are available in English, French, and Spanish.

See Testimonials, Associates and our Portfolio for more information on what SAS2 Dialogue Inc. offers.